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Green Tarp Groundsheet -ultimate solution for enduring protection against the elements

Green Tarp Groundsheet -ultimate solution for enduring protection against the elements

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Discover unparalleled protection with our Green Groundsheet, measuring a generous 1.9m x 3m. Perfectly tailored for outdoor enthusiasts and homeowners alike, this versatile groundsheet is the ultimate solution for enduring protection against the elements.

Multipurpose Utility: The Green Groundsheet is a steadfast barrier, whether employing it as a waterproof layer beneath your tent during inclement weather or as a protective cover for vehicles, machinery, garden seats, or swimming pools. Its uses extend beyond your needs, safeguarding your possessions from moisture, dirt, and potential damage.

Features Geared for Convenience: Mobility and functionality define this groundsheet. It comes with its mesh carry bag, designed for effortless transportation and storage. Structurally, the reinforced grommet corners offer reliable anchorage points, minimizing tears and ensuring the sheet remains fixed. With three grommets on the shorter sides and four on the longer, the setup options are both flexible and secure.

Beyond a Simple Sheet – A Tarpaulin for Every Scenario: As a tarpaulin, it is more than just a simple sheet; it's a multifaceted tool ready to meet various challenges:

  • Shelter Crafting: Erect a makeshift cover between trees or above your campsite, providing a quick solution for shade or rain protection.
  • Surface Preservation: Utilize it as a ground cover to shield the underlying surfaces from wear or to maintain a clean separation between equipment and the ground.
  • Secure Transportation: Confidently shield your cargo during transport, ensuring your load remains unscathed by the rigors of travel.
  • Enhanced Camping Experience: Elevate your camping setup using the tarp as an additional groundsheet, windbreak, or gear cover.
  • Gardening Support: Defend your vegetation with a temporary canopy during unexpected frosts or use it to manage your landscaping materials easily.
  • DIY Project Companion: Aid in your home projects, whether as a drop cloth while painting or as a material in creating solutions like homemade awnings.

Our Green Groundsheet promises versatility and embodies durability, lightweight design, and ease of storage. A valuable component to any outdoor, gardening, or emergency kit, this groundsheet is prepared to be your steadfast ally against nature's unpredictable moments and everyday practical demands.

Specifications (Approximate Measurements):


  • 100% Polyester
  • Length 3m
  • Width 1.9m
  • Weight (Including Bag) 573g


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