About Us

New Beginnings

We started trading on eBay over 12 years ago, terrified by redundancy. It has always been a guiding principle to us that pictures are worth a thousand words and so it has proved. 


Having developed a loyal customer base and a large number of positive reviews we have taken the plunge and moved everything to our own site. By all means check our feedback on eBay (We intend to still keep the account), even when our product listings have been removed and put onto this site.

Family business

We all, three (Not including our pet family members), contribute to the business using our different skills and knowledge when needed.  


Disability plays a part in our everyday lives in numerous ways and our business has proved to be a welcome salve. At the start we were very much a kitchen table business using a very small part of a redundancy settlement and resources to hand. It helped us to do something positive to move forward. We hope we can encourage others who are disabled.

Along the way

Over the years we have learned a lot. There has been a lot of product research, experiments and useful finds. It has been a steep learning curve for all of us with quite a few bumps along the way. 


We have found, photography, to be a source of pleasure for the whole family.  Together we have learned quite a bit about photography and explored new photogenic sites. This is being taken forward in terms of our son's studies in creative videography as a vocation. (Can you tell we are proud parents?). 


A few years ago we started building this website, however the ridiculous demands of eBay have greatly slowed down its development. So...we are now taking the plunge!


When you are disabled the world looks different. Different conditions lead to different experiences within our family. Gutters and parking become important when you struggle to walk. Invisibility becomes an issue when your problems cannot be seen. We really try our best to bear this in mind within our business. If you have any helpful suggestions we will listen!

Its not easy being green...

We really are animal lovers and enjoy the countryside so we try our best to use sustainable materials, reuse and up-cycle as much as we can.



We reuse postal wrapping as much as possible such as paper, cardboard and bubble wrap.

Plastic items such as margarine tubs are great for product storage as are cardboard boxes.



We up-cycle leather offcuts, old tools, wood offcuts and sustainable antler and horn.


Overtime new ideas will come to light in our researches.