Green Washing

We are not green washing we  just do what we can. Domestically we do things that I think many people do like sort things for recycling, composting, using green products and growing our own food when possible. The big problems seem to be coming from businesses who basically lie. We do NOT claim to be net zero. We do all we can think of or manage. Look at our pictures and you can see what we do to be part of the solution not the problem. For us upcycling and recycling has a financial benefit for our business as well as the planet.

Recycling and upcycling

We reuse as much as possible for either posting out purchases or product storage

Cardboard boxes, paper packing and bubble wrap

Plastic Boxes like margarine tubs or takeaway boxes are great for product storage

Wood offcuts (or broken wooden items) we use to make jigs for woodworking, handles or photo set props.

Large, lidded tins or plastic containers are great for making charcloth or storing products.

Leather factory offcuts we use to make small leather items and sell coloured thonging.

Restoring vintage tools for our business use or for resale. Including crank handled off grid tools.

Upcycling brass bullet cartridges into handles and holders.

Upcycling offcuts of cotton washing line from business into slow matches or charcloth taper.

Old used corks into geocache hides.

Used cotton rags for making charcloth.

Sustainable Materials

Antler and horn cruelty free materials.

Large Tree prunings we air dry and use to make handles or photo set props.