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Used Cleaned Cast Ferrous sap spile with built in hook

Used Cleaned Cast Ferrous sap spile with built in hook

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Embark on the Time-Honored Tradition of Sap Harvesting with the Cleaned, Used Pair of Cast Ferrous Birch spile with a built-in hook.

Esteemed Homesteaders, Traditional Craftsmen, and Syrup Aficionados,

Introducing a tangible piece of North American heritage - a Cleaned, Used Pair of Cast Ferrous Birch Taps. Meticulously refurbished and ready to facilitate your foray into natural sap extraction, these spiles embody the timeless practice of tapping trees, a vital process steeped in tradition and rustic charm.

Safety & Authenticity for True Connoisseurs

Please be aware that this is not a toy. These instruments, rich in history and potential, carry the weight of former tasks and are unsuitable for the untrained hand or the innocent play of children. With a potential choking hazard, this set asks for responsible handling.

A Singular Pair for a Singular Purchase

With this listing, you elect to procure ONE Pair (Two) of these storied devices. Each set has been gently restored to functionality, completing a cycle of use that knits the past to the present.

A Chronicle of Reclamation and Resilience

Every tap tells a story. The set you will possess:

  • Cleaned with the utmost care: where grime and rust were meticulously banished, revealing the originality beneath.
  • Bears are the scars of a previous lifesigns of wear like bends, cracks, and the occasional missing keep time attest to their diligent use.
  • Reflects individuality in utilitypresenting variations in design that mark each tap as unique.

Longevity Through Cast Ferrous Might

The Cast Ferrous Birch Tap is not merely a tool but a legacy cast in metal:

  • Durability DefinedCrafted to endure, each tap promises years of service as you delve into the practice of sap collection.
  • Solid Metal ConstructionThe iron heft interwoven with carbon grants each tap a certain persistence against time and the elements.
  • Proven DesignA silhouette hewn from generations of expertise ensures these taps retain their function as adeptly as the day they were wrought.

Join the Ranks of Sap Gatherers

Whether seeking the sweet allure of birch syrup or engaging in the craftsmanship of natural product harvesting, these Cast Ferrous Birch Taps invite you to partake in an activity etched into the annals of agriculture. They hold more than sap; they hold stories waiting to flow into your chapter of creation.

Prepare for your sap harvesting season by claiming this duo—symbols of persistence, heritage, and the simple joys of producing from the Earth's bounty.

Specifications: (Approximate Measurements:) 

Weight (One only) 32g

Length 60mm

Internal Diameter 7mm

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