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Silver Quick Release Keyrings - Convenient to detach EDC tools

Silver Quick Release Keyrings - Convenient to detach EDC tools

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This product is not intended for use by small children due to the potential for choking hazard; adult supervision is strongly recommended for any use by children.

Silver Quick Release Features:

  • As used for firesteels in bushcraft for safe storage.
  • Convenient to detach EDC tools.
  • A functional accessory for you to separate sets of keys for home and business.
  • One split ring one silver ring.

Specifications (Approximate measurements):

  • Item length: 8cm
  • Diameter of the ring: 2.5cm
  • Weight: Approx. 13.5g

Silver Quick Release Keyring

A quick release keyring is a type of keyring that is designed to make it easy to add or remove keys and other small items. Here are a few possible uses for a quick release keyring:

  1. Easy key access: The quick release mechanism allows for easy access to keys when needed. This can be particularly useful in situations where you need to quickly detach your keys, such as when entering a car or unlocking a door.
  2. Separating keys: The quick release keyring can be used to separate keys into different groups. For example, you can use one quick release keyring for your car keys and another for your house keys.
  3. Carrying small items: The quick release keyring can also be used to carry small items, such as a flashlight, whistle, or multi tool. This can be useful for outdoor activities or emergency situations.
  4. Organizing gear: The quick release keyring can be used to organize gear for travel or outdoor activities. For example, you can use it to attach a small first aid kit to a backpack or to keep small tools organized for a DIY project.
  5. Personal expression: The silver material and unique design of a quick release keyring can also make it a stylish accessory for personal expression. You can choose a design that reflects your personality or interests and use it as a decorative key chain or bag charm.
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