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Sharpening Puck - Double sided, made of Alumina

Sharpening Puck - Double sided, made of Alumina

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Sharpening Puck

This is not a toy

Features: (Note all measurements are approximate)
  • Double sided (Not sure of exact grits)
  • Stone measures Diameter of 77mm, and 24mm deep.
  • Weighs 196g.
  • Made of Alumina
  • Convenient and easy to carry.
  • Ideal for sharpening an axe.
Please note this is not ideally suited for sharpening your kitchen knives, its meant to be used "in the field" particularly for an axe.

Sharpening Puck

A sharpening puck is a handheld sharpening tool typically used for sharpening knives and other edged tools in outdoor or field settings. It consists of a round, puck-shaped stone with a coarse abrasive surface on one side and a fine abrasive surface on the other.

To use a sharpening puck, the user holds it firmly in one hand and applies pressure to the blade's edge with the other hand while moving the blade across the abrasive surface. The coarse side of the puck is used first to remove any chips or nicks in the blade's edge, and then the fine side is used to hone the edge to a razor-sharp finish.

The sharpening puck can be used dry or with water or oil applied to the abrasive surface to improve the sharpening process. It is a simple and effective tool for maintaining a sharp edge on outdoor knives, axes, and other tools, making it a popular choice for campers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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