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Put together Multi-fuel stoves with bag in 2 sizes

Put together Multi-fuel stoves with bag in 2 sizes

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Embrace the great outdoors with our premium multi-fuel stove, the ultimate companion for adventure getaways, diverse outdoor activities, or emergency preparedness kits. Available in two convenient sizes, this stove is meticulously engineered with high-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability, resistance to rust, and minimal maintenance for longevity.

With its lightweight and compact design, our multi-fuel stove is a prodigy of convenience. It expertly balances portability with robust performance, allowing you to pack light without compromising your cooking experience. Whether you're backpacking, camping, or needing a portable cooking solution, this stove will be your ally.

Our stove's versatility is unmatched, designed to accommodate a variety of fuel sources. Forage for twigs, branches, leaves, or pinecones found in your natural surroundings, or opt for fuel tablets and a spirit burner for a more controlled cooking experience. Including multiple fuel options ensures you can always have a hot meal or beverage, regardless of your journey.

Each stove also comes with a sleek, protective storage bag, making transportation and storage hassle-free while protecting the stove from the elements and keeping your gear clean.

Safety is paramount when enjoying the wonders of nature, and that's why we emphasize that children require supervision when using this stove. Our safety guidelines ensure everyone can participate confidently and cautiously in the outdoor cooking experience regardless of age.

Invest in the multi-fuel stove that suits your needs and enjoy a worry-free cooking experience wherever your adventures lead you. The dual-size options and versatile fuel compatibility make this stove a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast looking for reliability, efficiency, and ease of use.


Select the size that best fits your adventure, add this essential outdoor gear to your cart, and enter nature equipped with the right tools to fuel your exploration.

Enhance Your Purchase: We recommend enhancing your experience with our selection of compatible cookware and utensils, each piece selected to optimize the versatility and convenience of your cooker. For especially windy conditions you our stoves wind.

Specifications: (Approximate measurements)

Multi-fuel stove Large Shiny

  • Top Diameter 116mm
  • Bottom Diameter 128mm
  • Height 162mm
  • Packed Size 207mm x 170mm x 42mm
  • Packed Weight 326g

Medium Shiny Stove

  • Top Diameter 78mm
  • Bottom Diameter 85mm
  • Height 108mm
  • Packed Size 180mm x 140mm x 30mm
  • Packed Weight 150g

Multi-fuel stove Medium Matt

  • Top Diameter 78mm
  • Bottom Diameter 85mm
  • Height 108mm
  • Packed Size 170mm x 145mm x 25mm
  • Packed Weight 142g
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