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New Pair Stainless steel Birch tap sap spile spigot for Bushcraft or Foraging

New Pair Stainless steel Birch tap sap spile spigot for Bushcraft or Foraging

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Introducing the Traditional Craft of Tree Tapping with a New Pair of Stainless steel Birch spiles

Esteemed Connoisseurs of Forest Bounty and Outdoor Aficionados,

Grasp a sliver of history with our curated acquisition—a pair (that's two!) of Stainless steel Birch spiles sourced with pride from North America's rich, sap-laden woodlands. This listing captures the essence of time-honoured tree-tapping traditions, revamped for a new chapter in their existence.

Utmost Attention to Detail

We value meticulous product verification to uphold the standards of our offerings. Opened packages ascertain the fidelity of these tools before they embark on the journey to your capable hands.

Please heed the Warning: This is not a toy, and due to its small parts, it poses a potential choking hazard. Be aware that this artefact is recommended exclusively for the experienced craftsperson or the genuine enthusiast.

    Sturdy Yet Simple Design 

    These Stainless steel Birch Taps boast a myriad of compelling features:

    • Lasting Build: Stainless steel construction ensures a commitment to longevity, ready to serve you for many tree-tapping seasons to come.
    • Season-Honed Design: A layout refined over the decades, these taps hark back to an era where simplicity and capability intertwined.

    Tree Tapping Reimagined

    In the hands of the skilled, these taps bridge the gap between the natural bounty of birch or maple and the delectable syrup that graces your table. Execute the craft efficiently as you:

    • Sensibly SelectPick the right tree and witness the sap flow with the turn of the seasons.
    • Harvest with CareAdorn your tree with these taps and collect its essence with reverence for Mother Nature’s offerings, using traditional insights and methods passed down through generations.

    Care for Your Heritage Tools

    • Preparation: Gently cleanse, wash, boil, and dry them before introducing them to the sturdy trunks awaiting service.
    • Post-Use: Echo the ritual post-harvest, ensuring long-lasting functionality and honouring the diligence of these steadfast implements.

    Immerse yourself in the ancient craft of tree tapping, supported by tools that have weathered the tide of time—our new Stainless steel Birch Taps. Embrace sustainability, engage with nature, and participate in a harvest that taps into the very roots of tradition.

    Acquire your set today, embark on a syrup voyage seasoned with authenticity, and sip the sweet essence of craftsmanship—you're not just buying tools; you're perpetuating a heritage.

      Specifications (Approximate Measurements):


      • Weight (One only) 13g
      • Length 65mm
      • Diameter (Min) 8mm
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