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Muller Billhook & belt Loop & Sheath - Good for green wood crafts

Muller Billhook & belt Loop & Sheath - Good for green wood crafts

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Muller Billhook & belt Loop & Sheath

Age Restricted! 18+

Muller Billhook & belt Loop & Sheath Features:
  • Heavy duty steel blade
  • Balanced and comfortable grip
  • Stacked leather handle for comfort and anti vibration
  • Safety Pommel hand retainer
  • Safety hand guard
  • Good for green wood crafts
  • Great for clearing bushes and branches

What is a Billhook?

A billhook is a type of cutting tool with a curved blade that is commonly used for trimming and pruning in gardening and forestry work. It typically has a short handle with a hooked end that provides leverage for pulling and cutting.

The billhooks blade is usually made of steel and has a sharp inner edge and a hooked outer edge that allows for a range of cutting and pulling actions. The tool can be used for a variety of tasks such as cutting branches, vines, and bushes, trimming hedges, and even chopping wood.

Billhooks have been used for centuries and are still used today in many parts of the world, particularly in rural areas. They are particularly useful in situations where a saw or larger cutting tool would be too unwieldy or cumbersome. The design and size of the billhook can vary depending on its intended use, with some models being larger and heavier for chopping wood, while others are smaller and more compact for fine pruning work.

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