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Molle Bottle Pouches choose from 3 Colours

Molle Bottle Pouches choose from 3 Colours

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Enhance your tactical gear with the indispensable MOLLE Bottle Pouch, meticulously crafted for the relentless and rigorous demands of military and law enforcement operations. Our pouch provides a harmonious blend of functionality and durability, ensuring that staying hydrated remains a priority in every mission scenario.

Conquer the Elements with these Elite Features:

  • Colour Options for Discretion and Uniformity: Select from an essential palette of 3 colours – tactical Black, Olive Green, and Desert Tan – to blend seamlessly with your environment or align with your existing gear.
  • MOLLE Ready Design: Integrated with the revolutionary MOLLE system, this bottle pouch is precision-engineered to attach effortlessly to other MOLLE-compatible equipment, be it on your tactical vest, backpack, or belt, ensuring that your hydration is always within reach.

  • Reinforced Rear Attachment Straps: Securely fasten the bottle pouch to your preferred gear with the robust rear attachment straps, offering unwavering stability throughout your manoeuvres.

  • Crafted from High-Grade Nylon Material: The pouch is constructed from high-quality nylon fabric. It is renowned for its resistance to wear and abrasion, making it an ideal companion for the diverse challenges you face in the field.
  • Versatile Attachment Points: Outfitted with two D-rings on either side, the MOLLE Bottle Pouch allows you to attach additional gear or secure the pouch onto your equipment using carabiners or similar attachments.
  • Easy-Access Front Zippered Pouch: Increase your carrying capacity with the convenient front zippered pouch, perfect for stowing essential quick-access items like purification tablets, a mini flashlight, or a multipurpose tool.
  • Operational Adaptability with the Metal Rear Clip: Reinforced with a sturdy metal clip on the rear, this pouch offers alternative attachment options, heightening its utility across various operational contexts.

The MOLLE Bottle Pouch is built to carry and sustain you in the most demanding situations. Whether trekking through arid deserts, navigating dense forests, or operating in urban terrains, this pouch is a critical component of your field gear, ensuring hydration is never compromised.

Investing in our MOLLE Bottle Pouch means prioritizing preparedness. Designed with an acute understanding of tactical environments, this pouch radiates reliability and versatility. It’s more than an accessory; it's necessary for any professional who understands hydration's crucial role in performance and survival.

Prepare for your next operation with confidence. Add the MOLLE Bottle Pouch to your gear repertoire and ensure that, no matter the mission, you remain effectively equipped and operationally ready.

    Specifications (Approximate measurements):


    • Total weight 220g
    • Main Height 265mm
    • Diameter 120mm
    • Pouch Length 155mm
    • Width 100mm
    • Depth 50mm
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