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Prismatic Metallic quality compass with sighting window, luminous with belt pouch

Prismatic Metallic quality compass with sighting window, luminous with belt pouch

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When precision, durability, and versatility matter, this compass delivers. Whether you're a hiker, camper, bushcraft or wilderness explorer, this Metallic quality compass is your indispensable guide.

Everyone’s worst nightmare is being lost in the wild without knowing how to get home.

You can avoid that dangerous scenario with a simple investment, a reliable, durable and simple navigation tool that will never steer you wrong. You can easily see the characters on this compass, even at night thanks to its luminescent characters and dial. Get a clear reading and navigation every time with this compass, which is sturdy and waterproof for even in the harshest conditions. it’s lightweight and compact to keep your load light.

Suitable for all sorts of outdoor adventures, you can bring the Military Metallic quality compass on camping, hiking, positioning, hunting, navigation, adventures, mapping, driving, cycling, boating, exploration and other outdoor activities.


  • BUILT-IN LEVEL: By having a level freely moving compass you will have an accurate reading.
  • EASY & ACCURATE READING: Get an accurate measurement every time, up to 0.5 degrees, while also getting a clear reading through the telescopic sight. It will always give the right reading!
  • SIGHTING WINDOW: with a sighting line.
  • GLOW-IN-THE-DARK DIAL: If your eyesight isn’t the best or it’s getting dark, it’s easy to see this Camping Compass, especially thanks to the green, fluorescent characters which make it that much easier to get a clear reading—even in bad weather.
  • BUILT FOR DURABILITY: No need to buy another compass in the future, because the Survival Compass will stand the test of time. Harsh conditions won’t bother it, as it’s built with a high-strength, expertly engineered metal base. It is sturdy and waterproof; you can always depend upon it!
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The Pocket Compass can handle a wide variety of outdoor tasks, from directional navigation, positioning identification, slope measurement, azimuth measurement and more. From driving and wayfinding, to boating, camping, hunting, and hiking, you can trust this compass to get you home every time.
  • BELT POUCH: Easy on safe carrying.

Adventure Awaits: From hiking and camping to orienteering and geocaching, this Compass is your ticket to exploring the world with confidence. It's perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts!


Length: 85mm

Width: 53mm 

Height: 26mm

Weight: 161g

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