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Medium Braided Cotton Fire lighting taper (37" (95cm) long)

Medium Braided Cotton Fire lighting taper (37" (95cm) long)

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Medium Braided Cotton Fire lighting taper (37" (95cm) long)

Our tapers can be used in a Rope Tinder lighter or used to catch a spark from another source.

Similar to a conventional lighter a spark ignites the tinder wick; however it smoulders rather than flames. You may find the first light a little tricky but subsequent lighting will be easier. A good thing to do is to keep the ashes on the cord so that the next fire will be very easy to light. The rope has been treated so it will smoulder. The pictures show the glow it produces. Please ensure you have fully extinguished it before putting it away as it can take some putting out. Buyers should bear in mind that slow match holders and other tapers are available in our other listings.

Slow Matches

The slow match, slow match or match cord is a slow burning cord. It burns slowly and evenly despite most wind and rain. Burning like a cigarette end it does not produce a flame and does not go out when handled roughly. Like a conventional lighter a spark, from a ferro rod, can ignite the taper or wick; however, it smoulders rather than flames.

The Fire lighting taper is a type of cord or rope that has been soaked in a solution of saltpetre and other chemicals to make it burn slowly and steadily. It was used for centuries as a reliable method of igniting guns, cannons, and other weapons, as well as for lighting fires.

The history of the slow match dates to ancient times, when it was used in China as early as the 9th century AD. The slow match was later adopted by the Europeans during the Middle Ages, where it was used extensively in warfare and for lighting fires. The use of the slow match continued to be popular throughout the Renaissance and into the modern era, until it was eventually replaced by more advanced ignition systems.

In addition to its military and practical uses, the slow match also had cultural and symbolic significance in many societies. In medieval Europe, for example, the slow match was often associated with the mythical figure of the "wild man" or "green man," and was used in ceremonial settings to represent the forces of nature and fertility.

Today, the slow match is still used in some traditional settings, such as in historical re-enactments, pyrotechnics, and some religious ceremonies. However, it has largely been replaced by modern ignition systems and is now considered a relic of an earlier era.

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