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Huggins Attic

Leathercraft Spigot Burnisher to polish edges.

Leathercraft Spigot Burnisher to polish edges.

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Leathercraft Spigot Burnisher

A leather Spigot burnisher is a tool used in leather working to smooth and polish the edges of a leather piece. This one is made of wood and is designed to create friction on the leather to create a polished edge. The burnisher is used by rubbing it back and forth along the edge of the leather, applying pressure and heat to smooth out any roughness or unevenness. This process can be done by hand. A properly burnished edge gives a finished look to the leather piece and can also increase its durability.

A spigot burnisher is a type of burnisher with a tapered, cylindrical shape that narrows to a point at one end. It is used to create a smooth, rounded edge on the leather by rotating the spigot against the edge of the leather in a circular motion. Spigot burnishers are versatile and can be used on a variety of leather thicknesses and types.

These wooden edge burnishers are to be used with a lubricant.

Specifications (Approximate Sizes)

  • 148mm Long
  • 24mm Diameter (Maximum)
  • Weighs 28g
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