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Large Folding Stove Grill. Multi-fuel such as spirit burner, fuel tablets, gas burner, twigs, leaves, wood & charcoal.

Large Folding Stove Grill. Multi-fuel such as spirit burner, fuel tablets, gas burner, twigs, leaves, wood & charcoal.

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Elevate your outdoor culinary experience with our Large Folding Stove Grill – your ultimate companion for creating hearty meals in the great outdoors. Whether you're an avid camper, a bushcrafter, a picnic enthusiast, or love to gather your family and friends for a backyard barbecue, this stove grill promises convenience, versatility, and portability for all your cooking adventures.

Transform any outdoor setting into your kitchen with ease. Here's why the Large Folding Stove Grill should be the centrepiece of your next outdoor event:

For Camping Expeditions: Embark on your camping journey without compromising on delicious, freshly cooked meals. This stove grill's robust foldable design ensures it fits effortlessly into your vehicle, leaving ample space for other essential gear. Once you've set up camp, it unfolds in moments, ready for you to grill steaks, simmer stews, or char vegetables to perfection over a glowing flame.

For Picnic Pleasures: Take the joy of picnicking to new heights. No more cold sandwiches or pre-packaged snacks; now you can serve hot, grilled favorites with ease. Pick your scenic spot, unfold your stove grill, and treat your friends to a banquet of grilled burgers, sizzling sausages, or even gourmet kebabs as you bask in nature's beauty.

Features That Make a Difference:

  • Easily Portable: Our lightweight design coupled with a convenient storage bag ensures hassle-free transport to your destination.

  • Flexible Cooking Abilities: No matter the meal, our stove grill offers various cooking styles. From boiling water for a pot of coffee to barbecuing ribs or frying up a breakfast feast you'll have all the options at your fingertips.

  • Versatile Fuel Sources: Utilize a multitude of fuel sources such as a spirit burner for clean cooking, fuel tablets for convenience, a gas burner for steady heat, or go traditional with twigs, leaves, wood, and charcoal for that authentic smoky flavour.


  • Complete Set Includes: Everything you need comes packed and ready. You'll receive the stove for your heat source, an ash board to protect the ground, a fire net to hold your combustible materials, a cooking grill for your culinary creations, and a durable storage bag for when it's time to stow it away.

Don’t let your adventures limit your dining options. The Large Folding Stove Grill is not just another cooking appliance; it’s a gateway to creating memorable outdoor meals with ease and flair. Get yours today and savour the flavours of open-air cooking wherever your wanderlust takes you!

IMPORTANT - Remove all protective blue film BEFORE use.

Enhance Your Purchase: We recommend enhancing your experience with our selection of compatible cookware and utensils, each piece selected to optimize the versatility and convenience of your cooker. For especially windy conditions you our stoves wind.

Specification (Approximate Measurements)

  • Weight approx 858g.
  • When packed 235mm x 175mm x 55mm


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