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Kit Bag Green Olive Drab Rucksack Army Surplus

Kit Bag Green Olive Drab Rucksack Army Surplus

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 Step forth like a true soldier with the iconic Original British Army Olive Green Kit Bag, a revered artefact of military-grade resilience. This illustrious rucksack is not a mere canvas sack but a symbol of unwavering strength and timeless utility, designed to accompany the bold and the brave.

Robust Construction for the Rugged: Crafted from heavy-duty canvas, this kit bag is steeped in heritage – a Grade 1-rated surplus that has stood the test of time and tumult. Its large main compartment opens to swallow a plethora of gear, from the everyday essentials to the specialized equipment of adventure and service.

Secure and Reliable: The top flap doesn't simply close; it secures your belongings with the might of a strong clip. Please be aware that although some surface corrosion may be present as a mark of authenticity and use, its integrity remains uncompromised.

Comfort Meets Capacity: The shoulder and carrying straps, wrought from strong green canvas webbing, promise a comfortable transport for the bearer, no matter the load. These bags are built for the march, the flight, the sail, and more – ready to be your steadfast companion through thick and thin.

Diverse Applications of the Kit Bag Green Olive: The British Army's storied green olive drab is not just for show; it stands as a beacon of versatility:

  • Military Precision: Ideal for transporting and storing military gear, from weaponry to the accoutrements of warfare and peacekeeping.
  • Travel Ready: Geared for the traveller, it easily stows athletic equipment, instruments, and the bulkier trappings of long journeys.
  • Homebound Organization: Perfect for stashing away seasonal equipment, ensuring order and readiness in garages and storage spaces.
  • Relocation Assistance: A companion for moving days, it offers ample space to cushion and convey valuable possessions.
  • Emergency Gear Carrier: In the face of the unforeseen, it becomes a reliable vessel for all your essential survival gear.

The Original British Army Olive Green Kit Bag is much more than a purchase; it's an investment in a piece of history tailored to the demands of modern adventuring and life's varied expeditions. Whether for daily use or for those moments that demand the utmost of your equipment, this kit bag remains the quintessential choice for anyone needing a carryall that can confidently claim, "I am ready."

Specifications (Approximate Measurements):

  • Weight (Empty) 867g
  • Height 810mm
  • Diameter 280mm
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