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IMITATION IMCO 6800 Lighter with detachable candle

IMITATION IMCO 6800 Lighter with detachable candle

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IMITATION IMCO 6800 Lighter with detachable candle

This is not a toy! 

Please note the lighter will come with a flint installed but NO FUEL.


This company opened its doors in 1907 as a button factory in Austria. The name IMCO is an abbreviation for "International Metal Company," which is the company that originally manufactured the lighters.

In 1918, their first trench lighters were made from spent artillery shells used in World War I. Particularly noted their wind resistance feature, these lighters became a popular for the military, then for the smoker and the outdoors-man.

Unfortunately, as of the end of June 2012, IMCO closed its doors.

These are replicas made by other manufacturers. I do not believe these have been made in Austria.

IMCO 6800 Lighter

IMCO petrol lighters are perfect for use outdoors: this is a must for camping enthusiasts. Overall, IMCO lighters are known for their reliability, durability, and simplicity, making them a popular choice for anyone in need of a dependable lighter.

Some of the unique features of this lighter include:

  • lighting without a spark wheel,
  • windscreen
  • the ability to remove the lit fuel chamber for fireplaces, candles, and campfires. "petrol Lighters" use liquid fuel to create a no-fail windproof flame.
  • Handy swing-open ignition.
  • No fingers striking the flint wheel!
  • The top cover has an inverted bowl that covers the wick thus keeping evaporation to a bare minimum.
  • Once used, the small "tank" with burning wick can be removed and refilled.
  • Fill the lighter with fuel by saturating the cotton wool from the bottom until 3 drops of fluid fall out of the wick.
  • Removing the tank makes lighting grills and campfires easier.
  • After lighting the burner may be pulled out from the casing to light up inaccessible places as in the photos.
  • You can change the flint simply by unscrewing the screw on the bottom.
  • This lighter uses conventional flints and wicks.
  • The lighter height is a comfortable 6 cm or 2 1/4 inches.
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