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French Army Surplus 2 Man Tent Complete kit includes tent, poles, stakes, and lines.

French Army Surplus 2 Man Tent Complete kit includes tent, poles, stakes, and lines.

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Step into the realm of adventure with the French Army Surplus 2-Man Tent, a sanctuary of resilience and tactical utility in the wilderness.

Authentic Military Heritage: This tent is an authentic French Army-issued Grade 1 product, bringing genuine military-grade quality to your camping arsenal. While exact styles and sizes may exhibit slight variations reflective of its surplus nature, each tent is a testament to the meticulous standards demanded by military equipment.

Comprehensive and Dependable Shelter System: Every tent comes as a complete kit, including the tent itself, poles, stakes, and lines – everything needed for a secure and robust setup. Designed for quick and effortless assembly, it is the ideal shelter for those seeking efficiency and reliability in the face of the elements.

Engineered for the Outdoors: Constructed from high-quality nylon, the tent integrates a water-proof floor with water-repellent walls and roof, effectively shielding inhabitants from moisture—built-in screened air vents engineer a comfortable and condensation-free environment, enriching your outdoor experience.


Innovative Design Elements: The tent's fly is ingeniously constructed as part of the main body, eliminating the hassle of separate attachments and ensuring watertight performance. This integrated approach enhances both the durability and water resistance of the tent.

Using the French Army Surplus 2 Man Tent: When you venture out for your next expedition, you'll find the French Army Surplus 2 Man Tent to be seamlessly adaptable:

  • Space Efficiency: Ideal for two persons, it provides a cosy yet spacious haven to unwind after a day’s exploration.
  • Ventilation Mastery: Expertly engineered screened vents promote airflow while keeping insects at bay, ensuring a tranquil rest.
  • Wind Resistance: Reinforce your setup against gusts of wind with the supplied robust guy lines, maintaining the tent's stability.
  • Storage Solutions: The tent's front vestibule offers a practical area to stow equipment, aiding in maintaining an orderly and spacious interior.
  • Maintenance Simplicity: Apply thoughtful tent hygiene by keeping boots and outdoor gear in the vestibule to preserve the tent’s interior sanctity.

Whether on a remote trek, a weekend in the woods, or a survival expedition, the French Army Surplus 2-Man Tent is a resilient and practical choice for shelter. Its historical provenance and robust engineering ensure it can meet outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists' challenging demands. Take confidence in making the French Army Surplus 2-Man Tent part of your essential gear for a reliable, comfortable, and authentically tactical outdoor dwelling experience.

Specifications (Approximate Measurements):

  • Packed Bag
    • Weight 2904g
    • Height 640mm
    • Width 200mm

  • Erected Tent
    • Height 1020mm
    • Width 1470mm
    • Length 2130mm
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