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Fatwood stick, Jute Rope & Inner tube Bushcraft Survival Camping Hiking Scouts

Fatwood stick, Jute Rope & Inner tube Bushcraft Survival Camping Hiking Scouts

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Fatwood stick, Jute Rope & Inner tube

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Please bear in mind that fatwood is a natural product so no two are exactly the same. In harsh conditions you may well need that little extra to help start a fire quickly. A must for your fire lighting tinder kit. Here you have 3 materials, bundled together, to aid you in starting a fire.

This is not a toy and is not intended for small children (Potential choking hazard). Adult supervision is highly recommended for children and expert advice for the bigger kids!

Contents (One item):

One Fatwood stick with short leather lanyard 20cm long length of twist jute rope 10cm long piece of inner tube folded over


Fatwood is easy to light even in wet conditions because of their 80% resin content and produce extremely hot flames. I prefer to shave, the wood, with a knife and the shavings used to start the fire; so each stick will start a number of fires. If the inner tube is cut in thin rings these will help as a fire lighter in the wet. You should be able start a few fires from this amount. The jute rope when cut and separated into small strands can be formed into a nest to take a spark and start your fire. Again a number of nests can be formed from this amount.


Fatwood, also known as "fat lighter," "lighter wood," "rich lighter," and "lighter pine." is a highly flammable and resinous material that is found in the stumps and roots of pine trees. It is created when pine trees produce an excess of resin in response to injury or stress, such as lightning strikes, insect damage, or disease.

The resin-soaked wood becomes highly flammable and can be used as a reliable fire starter, even in wet or damp conditions. Pine trees, especially those grown in colder climates such as in the Nordic region, produce large amounts of resin, which is a sticky, flammable substance that helps protect the tree from insects and disease.

Fatwood is often harvested by chopping down dead or fallen pine trees and extracting the resin-rich wood from the stump or roots. This resin also makes the wood highly flammable and useful as a fire starter when it is harvested and processed into products such as fatwood or kindling.

In addition, the resinous qualities of Nordic pine wood make it durable and weather-resistant, which makes it a popular choice for outdoor construction and furniture making.

Fatwood is popular among outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists for its effectiveness as a fire starter, its natural abundance in pine forests, and its long shelf life when stored properly. It can be used alone or in combination with other fire-starting materials such as tinder and kindling.

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