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EDC Small Brass Lighter for outdoors Emergency

EDC Small Brass Lighter for outdoors Emergency

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EDC Small Brass Lighter

This is not a toy!

Height: 33.5mm
Diameter: 13mm

How to use:

  • When refuelling, unscrew the fuel tank cap according to the direction mark on the fuel tank cap and pour in lighter fuel. Only fill up to 80% full.
  • If moisture is causing a temporary inability to ignite then open the small brass lighter cover for 4-5 minutes before use. Then re-tighten the fuel tank, wipe off any oil leakage.
  • To replace flint when it is used up: use a flat head screw driver to unscrew the wire, take out the flint top and spring, put in a new flint and then tighten everything up again.
  • To extinguish the lighter simply close the lid. Always check the lighter has extinguished before storing the lighter.

Everyday Carry (EDC)

Everyday carry (EDC) refers to the items that people carry with them daily for convenience, preparedness, and personal expression. EDC items can vary greatly depending on an individual's lifestyle, occupation, and personal preferences. Common items found in EDC kits may include a wallet, keys, phone, pen, notebook, multitool, flashlight, and a pocketknife, among others. EDC has become a popular trend and hobby, with enthusiasts sharing their collections and discussing the best tools and gear for everyday use.

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