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EDC Pencil Sharpener Keyring Tinder Maker

EDC Pencil Sharpener Keyring Tinder Maker

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EDC Pencil Sharpener Keyring Tinder Maker

This is not a toy!

No great surprises here it is a pencil sharpener.

  • Used with twigs having two sharpening holes with one larger than an ordinary pencil it is easier to find a dry twig to fit, and you have a backup if a blade gets blunt.
  • Easily carried as a backup during everyday activities you can attach it to your keyring, pencil case, clip board, walking stick, binoculars etc.


  • Easy to carry as a backup when driving, walking, hiking, orienteering, scouts, bushcraft, hunting, sailing, survival kit...etc
  • Unlike a knife this is not an offensive weapon
  • Made from Aluminium and more robust than plastic
  • With two different sized sharpening holes you have a backup if one blunts
  • Use to sharpen pencils!
  • Outer length of approximately 26mm (Not including keyring)
  • Width of approximately 24mm (Not including keyring)
  • Thickness of approximately 13mm max (Not including keyring)
  • Lightweight at approximately 9g (Including keyring)

Everyday Carry (EDC)

Everyday carry (EDC) refers to the items that people carry with them daily for convenience, preparedness, and personal expression. EDC items can vary greatly depending on an individual's lifestyle, occupation, and personal preferences. Common items found in EDC kits may include a wallet, keys, phone, pen, notebook, multi tool, flashlight, and a pocketknife, among others. EDC has become a popular trend and hobby, with enthusiasts sharing their collections and discussing the best tools and gear for everyday use.

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