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Huggins Attic

Double sided Honing Block for most edge tools

Double sided Honing Block for most edge tools

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These double-sided honing blocks serve well for most edge tools, in the workshop, in the great outdoors or at home. They will keep your knife or tool razor-sharp for a lot longer before it needs re-sharpening.

We are only amateurs at leathercraft so please don't expect precise laser straight edges, as you will not get them here. These honing blocks are meant to be used and are not really intended for display, so you can expect a workman like finish.

We have made each of these blocks from pine and have finished the edges with 2 coats of boiled linseed oil.

Double sided Honing Block for most edge tools Honing Block Huggins Attic    [Huggins attic]


  • Two different thicknesses of leather
  • Approximately 4mm thick on one side and Approximately 2mm thick on the other side
  • Black leather thong for hanging Honing or Stropping

The basic idea behind honing, or stropping is to remove the burr, on any cutting edge, that remains after sharpening. Honing also polishes the cutting edge on a microscopic level and leaves an edge sharper and stronger. If you wish you can use a honing paste, or compound, on one side of the block to speed up the process, as the paste is mildly abrasive. Knives for example should be held at an angle of about 20 degrees to the surface whilst being swept along the surface. Other tools such as chisels may be best honed using a jig to hold them at the correct angle for the tool.

Specifications: (Approximate Measurements)

  • Approx. 2" (50mm) or 3" (75mm) Wide
  • 6" (150mm) Long Working surface
  • Weighs approximately 114g (2" size) or 158g (3" size)
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