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Cleaned Used Pair Folded steel Birch tap sap spile spigot Bushcraft Foraging

Cleaned Used Pair Folded steel Birch tap sap spile spigot Bushcraft Foraging

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Step Into the Art of Sap Harvesting with a Cleaned, Used Pair of Folded Steel Birch Taps

Intrepid Harvesters and Purveyors of the Traditional Craft,

With great pride, we offer a Cleaned, Used Pair of Folded Steel Birch Taps, integral components for those embarking on the rewarding journey of sap collection. Imbued with the resilience of time and the integrity of a well-honed craft, these taps are a bridge to yesteryear's methods, refined for contemporary use.

A Solemn Reminder: Handle with Care

This is an earnest declaration that this is not a toy. Due to its petite size and sturdy constitution, the item poses a potential choking hazard and should be employed exclusively with its intended purpose in mind.

Acquisition of a Matched Pair: Singular in Purpose and Design

Here, you select one pair (two) of spiles, each with an illustrious history and a promise of future yields. As refurbished wares, they arrive ready for service, eager to play their role in your craft.

A Narrative Woven in Craft and Experience

Each tap, while echoing the practicality of its kin, carries its tale:

  • Thoroughly Revived: Expertly extracted from rustic contexts, these taps have been purged of the past's detritus—rust and dirt stripped away to reveal enduring fortitude.
  • Vestiges of Service: Bear witness to the character in the form of bends, cracks, and an occasional absence, keeping time, marking their dedicated utility.
  • Distinct Configurations: Celebrate the individuality of each tap, with slight divergences in design, fostering a bespoke aesthetic in functional tools.

*Regrettably, please note that hooks are not included with your purchase.

Strength in Folded Steel

The Folded Steel Birch Tap boasts hallmark features that will faithfully accompany you through many seasons:

  • Enduring Longevity: With a foundation in folded steel construction, these taps offer an extended lifespan, punctuating years of continual use with reliable performance.
  • Robust Design: A testament to its heritage, the folded steel tap presents a familiar form—simple yet remarkably effective, having served admirably across numerous years.

The Essence of Harvesting


These taps are not mere instruments but passports to an age-old tradition, enabling you to tap into the natural zeitgeist of birch syrup making. Embrace the stoic character of these tools and step into the boots of foresters and naturalists who, for generations, have understood the value nestled within tree barks.

Prepare for the Essence of Craft

Collect the essence of the forests and partake in a seasonal celebration of nature. Secure your Cleaned, Used Pair of Folded Steel Birch Taps today, and ready yourself to extract sap and a rich, sensory experience from the arboreal veins of the great outdoors.

    Specifications (Approximate Measurements):

    • Weight (One only) 20g
    • Length 79mm
    • Diameter (Min) 10mm
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