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Char cloth in a 30ml Screw tin for Firelighting

Char cloth in a 30ml Screw tin for Firelighting

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Char cloth in a 30ml Screw lid tins

Char cloth (also called char paper) is cotton cloth that has been combusted in the absence of oxygen. The resulting material is highly flammable and can be used to start a fire by catching a spark. It is easily ignited and is used as tinder, often in conjunction with Flint and Steel or other fire starters. Char cloth does not burn with an open flame; it burns slowly as a hot ember like the end of a cigarette. Even small pieces of char cloth will burn long enough to be used as tinder to light a fire.


Char cloth in a 30ml Screw lid tin

Measures approximately 55mm diameter x 20mm deep.

Uses of Char Cloth

Char cloth was commonly used in the past as a reliable and portable fire-starting material, especially in outdoor settings or emergency situations. It was also popular among soldiers and explorers for its ease of use and effectiveness.

Today, char cloth is still used by outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists who value its ability to start a fire in difficult conditions.

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