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British Army Surplus Pair (2) DPM/MTP Bergen Side Pouches

British Army Surplus Pair (2) DPM/MTP Bergen Side Pouches

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Capitalize on the Tactical Superiority of UK Army Surplus Bergen Side Pouches

Esteemed Adventurers, Discerning Travelers, and Resolute Servicemembers,

Presenting the indomitable UK Army Surplus Bergen Side Pouches, your quintessential solution for modular and expandable storage needs. Renowned for their rugged construction and adaptable design, these Grade 1-issued side pouches are a hallmark of British military ingenuity, ready to revolutionize how you pack and mobilize your critical gear.

Precision Engineered for Diverse Applications

  • Enhanced Military Operations: With these side pouches, amplify your tactical carry capacity—perfect for additional munitions, field dressings, and mission-essential tools.
  • Backpacking Evolution: Intensify your trail loadout with expansive compartments for additional sustenance, hydration reserves, or protective layers against the elements.
  • Travel Companions: Enrich your expeditionary kit; these side pouches are indispensable for the roaming photographer or intrepid journalist, assuredly accommodating extra lenses, notebooks, or utilities.
  • Emergency Readiness: In the unpredictability of crisis, ensure your bug-out or go-bag is supplemented with vital resources—sustenance, medical supplies, or signal equipment.
  • Orderly Storage: When inactive, these pouches serve as formidable organizers, maintaining your equipment in ready condition and accessible at a moment's notice.

Purchase Includes: You are acquiring one pair (2) of these veteran side pouches, each contributing approximately 10 litres of additional volume to your Bergen's carrying capacity.

Bergen Side Pouches Features - A Testament to Endurance and Versatility

  • Battle-Proven Durability: These UK Army-issued side pouches have endured the rigours of service, a testament to their enduring design, ready to be repurposed for your unique requirements.
  • Resilient Capacity: Offering a combined carrying potential of roughly 20 litres, these pouches expand your loadout options significantly, enhancing your preparedness for any venture.
  • Adaptable Day Pack Potential: Crafted for flexibility, these pouches can be dissociated from your bergen and fused via straps to form an impromptu day sack, perfect for short excursions away from base camp.
  • Iconic Camouflage Patterns: Available in the classic DPM or the modern MTP pattern, these side pouches aid in maintaining a low profile while moving through varied terrains.
  • Rigorous Protection: Initially designed with internal waterproofing to secure against the elements, providing a safeguard for your essentials through shifting climates* (*notice: waterproofing may diminish over time).
  • Easy Accessibility: Sophisticated zip fastenings grant quick, unimpeded access, and quick-release fixtures present a seamless detachment when speed is of the essence.
  • Generous Main Compartment: The extensive primary section of each pouch is complemented by a top external zipped pocket, optimizing both volume and accessibility.

Incorporate the UK Army Surplus Bergen Side Pouches into your tactical, outdoor, or travel ensemble and experience the heightened utility and structural proficiency that only genuine military-grade equipment can provide.

Adventure awaits – Encase your gear within the legendary framework of British martial history. Select these side pouches today, and step forward confidently, knowing that your equipment is as versatile and mission-ready as you are.

Specifications (Approximate Measurements):

  • Weight (Each) 267g
  • Height 360mm
  • Width 205mm
  • Depth 120mm
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