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British Army Surplus MTP Virtus Bergen 65 litre main sack, with double zip entry to top and bottom.

British Army Surplus MTP Virtus Bergen 65 litre main sack, with double zip entry to top and bottom.

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Elevate Your Gear Game with the Multifaceted UK Army Surplus Virtus Bergen

To the Trailblazers, Tacticians, and World Wanderers,

Unveiling the UK Army Surplus Virtus Bergen, a beacon of modern military-grade resilience tailored for the rigours of the field and beyond. This Grade 1 British Army Issue rucksack is a testament to unmatched durability and versatility, offering a seamless transition from the warzone to peaceful trails.

A Multitude of Mission-Critical Uses

  • Military Precision: Born from the needs of active duty, the Virtus Bergen is finely tuned for the organized conveyance of arms, ordnance, and vital gear, ensuring combat readiness in diverse operational theatres.
  • Backpacking Ally: Engineered to endure, this bergen is your staunch ally against the elements on arduous hikes, carrying your provisions and equipment with unyielding fortitude.
  • Travel Companion: Globetrotters seeking adventure off the beaten path will appreciate the Virtus Bergen’s robust capacity and military efficiency, which are ideal for the one-bag traveller.
  • Emergency Arsenal: When calamity strikes, be prepared with a cache of essentials neatly packed in this bergen, a bulwark against unpredictability.
  • Organizational Haven: Stow your gear in an orderly fashion, ready for action or hobby pursuit, with this bergen serving as your central repository for readiness and order.

State-of-the-Art Features of the MTP Virtus Bergen

Take command of your surroundings with a rucksack that carries the British Army's seal of reliability and innovation:

  • Capacious Storage: Revel in the generous 90-litre capacity, expandable to approximately 110 litres with additional side pouches (available separately), offering copious space for all your expeditions.
  • Adaptive Design: Intelligent side buckles permit an expansion to accommodate wider loads, while the compatibility with side pouches ensures scalable storage solutions.
  • Accessible Compartments: A dual-zip entry system grants swift access to top and bottom compartments, enveloped in a signature MTP camo pattern, blending functionality with fieldcraft.

  • Dedicated Support: Equipped with a lightweight internal metal frame, which can be extricated to your comfort, providing stability without rigidity.
  • Ergonomic Harmony: With a focus on comfort and load distribution, the Virtus Bergen is honed to minimize pressure on your back and shoulders, featuring a fully adjustable padded back harness suited for all user heights.
  • Resilient Framework: The Bergen includes reinforced web grab handles and heavy-duty zip fastenings and is originally designed with waterproofing elements, ensuring your gear remains secure and dry* (*waterproofing efficacy subject to natural wear).
  • Strategic Attachments: With many MOLLE attachment points, customize your load configuration, enhancing its utility across various situations and needs.

Enhance your gear with a piece that personifies the strength and adaptability of the British Army. The Virtus Bergen represents more than just a backpack—it is an ally for life’s most challenging and rewarding journeys, symbolising readiness, resilience, and dependability.

Select the unparalleled prowess of the Virtus Bergen for your next foray. Assemble your kit confidently, and ensure that your gear is safeguarded in a fortress of fabric, ready for anything the world may throw your way.

Specifications (Approximate Measurements):

  • Weight 3519g
  • Height 620mm
  • Width 360mm
  • Depth 230mm
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