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British Army Surplus DPM Bergen 100 Litre carrying capacity. Fitted with side pouches (not included) to take capacity to 120 Litre

British Army Surplus DPM Bergen 100 Litre carrying capacity. Fitted with side pouches (not included) to take capacity to 120 Litre

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Set off on your next expedition with the assurance that comes with the UK Army surplus bergen, a masterclass in load-bearing efficiency. Our Grade 1 Bergen rucksacks have seen the contours of distant lands and the throes of varying climates, standing as a testament to unfaltering resilience and military precision.

Purpose-Built for Rigorous Adventures Whether you’re an intrepid backpacker or a soldier in the rough, the Bergen is tailored to support your journey. With an approximate 100-litre capacity, expanding to 120 litres with additional side pouches (sold separately), this rucksack is a formidable companion for extended backpacking treks, tactical operations, and every adventure.

Travel Ready and Emergency Equipped Going beyond the confines of military use, the Bergen makes for an outstanding travel backpack capable of consolidating your belongings into one dependable unit. For those focused on emergency preparedness, its cavernous space ensures you can pack essential supplies to weather any storm or unforeseen event.

Durable Storage Solution When not journeying across the landscapes, the Bergen serves as a robust storage unit, maintaining order and ready access to your equipment, so when the call to adventure is heard, your gear is prepared and protected.

A Heritage of Reliability

  • Our bergens come with the British Army’s distinctive Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) camouflage, a pattern synonymous with reliability for over three decades.
  • Choose between the Classic Long or Short-back versions to suit your frame and carrying style best.
  • Thoughtfully designed with a lightweight internal metal frame, the Bergen provides unparalleled back support and can be removed for customized comfort.
  • Experience ergonomic support with padded back panels, shoulder straps, and a hip belt, reducing strain and enhancing load distribution.
  • Heavy-duty zip and quick-release fastenings afford rapid access and secure gear sealing.

Engineered for Adaptability Fully leveraging the bergen’s potential means recognizing its modular capabilities. While robust, additional side pouches easily augment its size and carrying capacity. Furthermore, your bergen comes with various external straps and clips for securing extra items, ensuring everything you need is within reach.

Attention to Detail

  • Large main compartment with a secure drawstring closure
  • Top internal and external zipped pockets for items requiring quick access
  • An integrated rear lower centre external pouch increases your organizational capabilities

The UK Army surplus bergen is not merely a means of carrying your belongings; it’s a testament to your preparedness to tackle the unknown. Whether you're ascending a mountain, braving a downpour in remote woods, or preparing for emergencies, our bergen is the definitive choice for those who seek durability and adaptability. Journey forth with the confidence that comes with gear that has stood the test of time and challenge. This is not a mere accessory; this is your mission's foundation.

    Specifications (Approximate Measurements):

    • Weight 2253g
    • Height 750mm
    • Width 380mm
    • Depth 270mm
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