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BRITISH ARMY Basha Grade 1 USED DPM MTP Desert versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities

BRITISH ARMY Basha Grade 1 USED DPM MTP Desert versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities

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Camoflage Pattern

Experience the premium versatility of the British Army Basha Grade 1, meticulously crafted for the intrepid outdoors person. Our Grade 1 used Bashas have been field-tested and proven by the British Army, ensuring you receive a product that has met the rigorous demands of survival and tactical situations.

Authentic British Army Quality Embrace the peace of mind that comes with genuine military-grade gear. Our Bashas are built from high-grade, ripstop nylon, offering exceptional durability against wear and tear. Their lightweight nature makes them an essential part of a hiker's pack, minimizing load without compromising protection.

Varied Functionality for Outdoor Enthusiasts

  • As an improvised shelter, our basha is designed to shield you from the harshness of environmental elements, allowing you to forge a haven of comfort in the great outdoors.
  • Employ the basha as a sturdy tarp, safeguarding your precious equipment from unpredictable weather conditions, from blistering sunshine to torrential downpours.
  • Utilize it as a general-purpose groundsheet, placing a robust layer between you and the damp, uneven terrains that can mar a night's rest in the wild.
  • Get inventive and fashion the basha into a hammock, giving you an elevated reprieve from the ground's critters and chill.

Engineered for Maximum Resilience The resilience of our basha is unparalleled – it's built to withstand challenging environments. Its waterproofing features, complemented with silicone along the central seam, ensure that you stay dry, while anti-rot and mildew-resistant properties maintain the fabric's integrity over time. Outdoor reliability also means easy maintenance, so the basha is washable, allowing you to prepare for your next adventure without delay.

Structurally Robust with Reinforced Features Our basha is thoughtfully equipped with metallic grommet eyelets and reinforced loops, ensuring secure anchorage and versatile set-up options, whether strung from trees or paired with walking poles. The reinforced edges with handles further enhance its functionality, allowing it to be used as a makeshift stretcher in emergencies.

Select Your Ideal Configuration With multiple orientations possible, the basha can be adapted to suit your immediate needs. Whether hung diagonally for maximum cover, pitched like a tent for aerodynamic wind resistance, or used as a simple lean-to, this basha provides multiple configuration options.

Dive into the realm of rugged exploration with the British Army Basha Grade 1 and trust in gear chosen by soldiers for its reliability and flexibility. Perfect for adventurers, survivalists, and weekend warriors alike, our basha is more than just a piece of equipment – it's a companion that stands as a testament to your dedication to embracing the fullness of outdoor life.

 Specifications (Approximate Measurement)

  • Length 2.6m
  • Width 2.2m


  • DPM 1033g,
  • MTP 1176g
  • Desert 1069g
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