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Brass Slow Match with spare Fire lighting taper 37" (94cm) long

Brass Slow Match with spare Fire lighting taper 37" (94cm) long

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Brass Slow Match with spare Fire Lighting Taper

Please ensure you have fully extinguished it before putting it away as it can take some putting out, it can be as easy as stubbing out a cigarette, but beware.

NEVER leave a slow match unattended as the holder WILL need frequent adjustment.

A slow match is often used to keep light going and is safely portable; however it smolders rather than flames.

In order to light a smaller and more delicate candle you may find it easier to use a sulphur match or sulphur spill as pictured.


  • No flame
  • Glows like an ember
  • Resists wind and rain
  • Stays lit if dropped
  • Light with sparks, matches or lighter

Overall, slow match holders were important tools for soldiers and artillerymen, and a wide variety of materials were used to make them depend on the time and location.

Today, the slow match is still used in some traditional settings, such as in historical re-enactments, pyrotechnics, and some religious ceremonies. However, it has largely been replaced by modern ignition systems and is now considered a relic of an earlier era.

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