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Brass D rings Screw gate Carabiner. NOT FOR CLIMBING or HEAVY WEIGHTS

Brass D rings Screw gate Carabiner. NOT FOR CLIMBING or HEAVY WEIGHTS

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Enhance your gear with our Brass D Screw Gate Carabiner, an essential piece of equipment for an array of securing needs. Crafted with precision from premium brass, this carabiner combines reliability with a classic aesthetic. Robust and user-friendly, it is ideal for those seeking a blend of style and functionality in their hardware selections.

Product Highlights:

  • Solid Brass Composition: This carabiner is manufactured from solid brass, offering maximum strength and a distinctive look that sets it apart from traditional metal or alloy carabiners.
  • Versatile D-Shape Design: The D-shaped body ensures easy clipping and provides a spacious gate opening for versatile attachments.
  • Secure Screw Gate Mechanism: The secure screw gate closure provides a reliable locking mechanism that prevents accidental release of your items, ensuring that your belongings are securely fastened at all times.

Multifunctional Utility:

  • Everyday Carry Simplicity: Perfect for attaching keys, flashlights, or small tools, enhancing the organization and accessibility of your everyday carry items.
  • Outdoor Equipment Integration: Affix this carabiner to your hiking backpack or belt, adding a practical attachment point for a knife, compass, or other essential gear.
  • Creative and Craft Uses: Ideal for bespoke leatherwork, crafting, or even adding an industrial-chic touch to home decor.

Extensive Applications:

Assuredly, the applications for our Brass D Screw Gate Carabiner are as limitless as your imagination, serving an array of functions, including but not limited to:

  • Securing Gear: Keep your equipment, like water bottles or walking sticks, easily accessible while on the move.
  • Fashion Accessory: Integrate into fashion designs, offering an edgy and functional accent to bags or clothing.
  • Specialized Projects: Utilize architectural models, maritime environments, or any project needing a secure yet stylish fastening solution.


This product is designed for utility and crafted to be a reliable tool intended for adult use—it is not a toy.

With our Brass D Screw Gate Carabiner, you're investing in timeless elegance and steadfast dependability that will serve a multitude of purposes. Don't miss the chance to own this indispensable tool renowned for its durability and classic look. Shop now and secure a component that will undoubtedly become an integral part of your kit.

Specifications:(Measurements are approximate)

  • Each Ring weighs 6g
  • Loop 22mm wide (External including screw)
  • Loop 15mm (Internal including screw)
  • Loop height 38mm (External)
  • Loop height 32mm (Internal)
  • The thickness of the metal ring is 3mm.
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