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Brass D-rings for Leathercraft - 27mm (Internal)

Brass D-rings for Leathercraft - 27mm (Internal)

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Brass D-rings for Leathercraft - 27mm (Internal)

These Brass D-rings for Leathercraft can be used for many things and can help you keep items safely in your pocket.

You could simply loop one around a belt and attach a lanyard for a knife or compass.

Their uses are endless.


Brass D rings are a versatile type of hardware that can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are a few common uses for brass D rings:

  1. Luggage and backpacks: Brass D rings are commonly used in luggage and backpacks to attach straps, buckles, and other hardware. They provide a strong and secure attachment point for carrying heavy loads.

  2. Dog collars and leashes: Brass D rings are often used in dog collars and leashes to attach the leash to the collar. The brass material is durable and can withstand wear and tear from daily use.

  3. Clothing and accessories: Brass D rings can be used as decorative accents on clothing and accessories, such as belts, handbags, and jackets. They can also be used as functional elements, such as attaching straps to a backpack.

  4. Crafting and DIY projects: Brass D rings can be used in a variety of crafting and DIY projects, such as making keychains, lanyards, and jewelry. They can be painted or decorated to match the style of the project.

  5. Sports and outdoor gear: Brass D rings are commonly used in sports and outdoor gear, such as rock climbing equipment, tents, and kayaks. They provide a strong attachment point for ropes, straps, and other hardware needed for outdoor activities.

Specifications: (Measurements are approximate):

  • Loop 34mm wide (External)
  • Loop 27mm (Internal)
  • Loop height 25mm (External)
  • The thickness of the metal ring is 3mm
  • Each Ring weighs 6g
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