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Brass Capsule EDC - Every Day Carry

Brass Capsule EDC - Every Day Carry

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Brass Capsule EDC

Great for Bushcraft, Survival, Pioneers, Scouts, Hiking, Walkers, Camping and more. Easy to carry as a backup when driving, walking, hiking, orienteering, scouts, bushcraft, hunting, sailing, survival kit...etc

Brass Capsule EDC

Features: (Approximate measurements) 

  • Length of approximately 66mm (Including ring)
  • Width of approximately 14mm (Including ring)
  • Lightweight at approximately 28g

 Can be used for:

A small brass keyring capsule can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on the needs of the individual. Here are a few possible uses:

  1. Storing medication: The capsule can be used to store small pills or tablets, such as headache medicine, allergy medicine, or vitamins. This can be particularly useful for people who need to take medication on the go.
  2. Holding emergency cash: The capsule can also be used to hold a small amount of emergency cash, such as a few coins or a folded bill. This can be useful in case of an unexpected expense or emergency.
  3. Keeping small items safe: The capsule can be used to store small items that are easy to lose, such as a spare battery, earplugs, or a USB drive.
  4. The capsule could hold a geocache log.

Everyday Carry (EDC)

Everyday carry (EDC) refers to the items that people carry with them daily for convenience, preparedness, and personal expression. EDC items can vary greatly depending on an individual's lifestyle, occupation, and personal preferences. Common items found in EDC kits may include a wallet, keys, phone, pen, notebook, multitool, flashlight, and a pocketknife, among others. EDC has become a popular trend and hobby, with enthusiasts sharing their collections and discussing the best tools and gear for everyday use.

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