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Blank Ferrocerium Rod, Gold colour coated

Blank Ferrocerium Rod, Gold colour coated

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Thousands of lights! When you scrape them with a piece of hard steel, such as a knife, hacksaw blade, or even a key, they emit long-lasting sparks of over 3000 degrees.

You could, of course, make your own customised handle for the Blank Ferrocerium Rod, Gold!

Fire Lighting

A spark is thrown when the rod is struck against steel, or vice versa. Tinder can be used to catch the spark; it should be shredded and unravelled and formed into a sort of nest. Cotton wool also works very well. As the kindling catches alight, you can put more on top, and you can build a fire from there.

Confusingly these rods are given many different names; I call them firesteels. Other names they may be given are:

  • Ferro or Ferrocerium rods - Referring to the material they are made from,
  • Magnesium rod - They are not made from magnesium,
  • Modern flint or Flint Fire Starter - They have a resemblance, in use, to flint and steel fire making using natural flint.

How do you use it?

Ferro rods come with a black protective coating that must be scraped off before, or during, use. The inside has a bright silver like colour.

A dedicated striker, or the back edge of a knife blade, make good ferrocerium strikers due to being made from a high carbon steel and seems to make the best fire starter sparks.

For beginners we suggest setting up a safe fire area in which to practice striking and fire making. The sparks need to fall onto flammable tinder such as charcloth.


  • It lights quickly.
  • Long lasting (In long term storage clear nail vanish helps).
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Will still work if snapped.

Specifications: (Approximate)

  • Diameter 8mm
  • Length 80mm.
  • They have a gold-coloured covering.
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