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Black Survival Side Whistle Paracord Buckle

Black Survival Side Whistle Paracord Buckle

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These are ideal for survival kits.

Using a paracord lanyard or webbing, you could attach these Black Survival Side Whistle Paracord Buckles to your wrist, walking stick, knife, binoculars, etc.

In an emergency, the paracord can be unravelled for shelter building, temporary shoe or boot laces and numerous other uses.

Overall, a whistle is a simple and effective tool that can help you signal for help, conserve energy, attract attention, and navigate in a survival situation. It should be part of every survival kit and always easily accessible.

It is easy to carry as a backup during outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, orienteering, scouting, bushcraft, hunting, sailing, etc.

Specifications: (Approximate)

  • Will take webbing or lanyard of approx. 20mm wide
  • Outer total length of 78mm
  • Width of 33mm (including whistle)
  • Lightweight at approximately 9g
  • Black coloured
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