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Beginners Hint Cards available in 2 sizes of Tin.

Beginners Hint Cards available in 2 sizes of Tin.

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These Hint Cards could be used for all sorts of outdoor pursuits including survivalists, Bushcraft, Emergency Survival, Campers, Preppers, Hikers, Walkers, Scouts, Geocachers, and Armed forces. 

After quite some work we are now able to offer these cards in two sizes for different-sized tins, or pockets.

Hint Cards:

There are 15 cards in this pack that give hints or reminders of basic survival skills and are not intended to be comprehensive. In a difficult situation, these cards are meant to help you calm down and think things through. Please do not expect laser-cut precision as these cards are handmade.

The Pack contains cards briefly covering the following:

  • First of all…( 1 Card )
  • FirstAid ( 2 Cards )
  • Shelter ( 2 Cards )
  • FireLighting ( 2 Cards )
  • Signalling ( 1 Card )
  • Water ( 1 Card )
  • Fishing ( 2 Cards )
  • Hunting( 1 Card )
  • Cooking ( 1 Card )
  • Navigation ( 2 Cards )

The cards are laminated and come in a small bag to give some protection from water damage and provide easy access.


The card's approximate sizes are:

  • Larger cards 76mm x 116m
  • Smaller cards (to fit into 2oz tobacco tins) 76mm x 105mm

Tins Available:

Grey hinged Tin:
  • Hinged lid 150ml volume
  • Measures 110mm x 80mm x 24mm
Gilt Tobacco Tin:
  • Lid with rubber seal 125ml volume
  • Measures 110mm x 80mm x 25mm
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