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Army Surplus MTP Field Pack & shoulder strap

Army Surplus MTP Field Pack & shoulder strap

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Experience the pinnacle of tactical efficiency with our MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern) Field Packs, proudly presented from UK Army surplus – your trusted source for military-grade equipment that's been rigorously field-tested and proven. Designed with the endurance and needs of armed forces in mind, these field packs are now available for the discerning outdoor enthusiast, survivalist, or tactical hobbyist.

Unparalleled Robustness and Organization – MTP Field Pack

Crafted with the highest-quality materials to face the toughest of outdoor settings, this MTP Field Pack offers the endurance and reliability required in any situation:

  • Durable Construction: Rely on a field pack made from robust nylon or canvas, engineered to endure the unforgiving conditions of outdoor environments and the wear and tear of heavy-duty use.
  • Expertly Sectioned Compartments: Boasting a spacious main compartment, complemented with inner pockets – including a tri-partite inner section – for meticulous gear organization, this pack ensures that all your equipment is readily accessible.
  • Adaptive MOLLE Webbing: The versatile MOLLE system allows for personalized configuration and the easy attachment of additional gear, making modularity a breeze.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: An expedition's best friend – enjoy padded shoulder straps designed for extended wear and a back panel that offers superior comfort during long treks or tactical missions.
  • Efficient Load Distribution: A functional waist belt facilitates the even distribution of the pack's weight, easing pressure on your back and shoulders and enabling sustained mobility and stability.
  • Hydration-Ready Design: Stay hydrated without skipping a beat with a design compatible with hydration systems, featuring specialized compartments for water bladders and easy-access ports for drinking tubes.
  • Dynamic Compression Straps: With built-in compression straps, your load is secured firmly, minimizing unnecessary movement and noise and allowing for stealth and agility.
  • Weather-Resilient Add-Ons: Some models of these field packs come with a rain cover to protect your essentials from the elements, ensuring your gear remains dry and functional in adverse weather conditions.

Customized Features of the MTP Field Pack

  • Quick-Access Top Flap: Secured with press-stud fastening, the top flap shields your gear while offering easy access when you're on the go.
  • External Pouch Efficiency: Utilize a pair of outer pouches to reach your most-used items immediately, ensuring they're handy when seconds matter.
  • Reliability in Carrying: The pack's shoulder strap, fashioned from toughened green webbing, provides confident carrying and is fully detachable when you prefer a streamlined approach.

The MTP Field Pack is not just a bag; it's the emblem of preparedness and the companion for your adventures. Whether stepping into the wilderness, setting up for a tactical game, or preparing for an emergency, this field pack aligns with every requirement for space, comfort, and resilience.

Seize the opportunity to own a piece of genuine military efficiency with these MTP Field Packs. Tested by the forces and now ready for civilian life, they perfectly balance tactical functionality and outdoor versatility. Get equipped and step confidently into your next expedition, armed with the very best of British Army surplus – where the strength of the past meets the challenges of the present.

    Specifications (Approximate Measurements)

    • Weight (Empty) 746g
    • Height 320mm
    • Width 220mm
    • Depth 100mm
    • Maximum strap length 1400mm
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