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Army Surplus Lightweight Jungle Sleeping Bag

Army Surplus Lightweight Jungle Sleeping Bag

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Transform your warm-weather excursions with the British Army-issued Lightweight Jungle Sleeping Bag, meticulously crafted for adventurers who disregard the heat and dare to delve into the heart of the jungle.

The Ultimate Warm Climate Companion – Lightweight Jungle Sleeping Bag

Designed to meet the army's stringent standards, this sleeping bag is the quintessential gear for hot, sticky conditions that a conventional sleeping bag won't do.

  • Ultra-Lightweight and Compact: Maneuver through dense foliage or ascend steep inclines without the burden of a bulky pack. This sleeping bag is tailored to grant you agility and freedom.
  • Breathable Fabric: Embrace the night air with materials designed to encourage air circulation, significantly reducing the risk of overheating and providing a comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Water-Resistant Fortification: No need to fret over unexpected rain showers—the water-resistant coating on this sleeping bag rebuffs moisture, ensuring a dry and cosy rest.

  • Full-Access Zipper: Versatility at its finest—the zipper allows for complete opening, allowing you to use it as a flat blanket or a hammock top quilt under the stars.
  • Tailored Temperature Rating: This bag is designed for tropical climates and is suitable for 15°C to 25°C, balancing comfort with breathability.
  • Originality: Each piece has its narrative, some marked with a name and number from its service history, connecting you to the bag's unique past.

Special Features of the Lightweight Jungle Sleeping Bag

  • Practical Design: A drawstring for hood closure allows you to cinch the bag around you for tailored insulation or leave it open for a breezy reprieve on warmer nights.
  • Durability: Quality materials and construction mean this sleeping bag withstands the rigours of rugged environments, be it tangled underbrush or rocky outcroppings.
  • Military-grade Quality: Rest easy knowing you're cocooned in a product adhering to the stringent specifications of the UK armed forces.

This Jungle Sleeping Bag isn't just gear; it's a statement of your readiness to face the challenges of the wild. This sleeping bag is a steadfast ally for the intrepid soul seeking solace amid the chirps of nocturnal wildlife.

Traverse the tropics, court the canopies, and uncover the secrets of the sultry wilderness with the Lightweight Jungle Sleeping Bag. Gear up with this unparalleled essential and make your intrepid dreams an attainable reality.

    Specifications (Approximate Measurements):

    • Length 2320m
    • Width 730mm
    • Weight 992g
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