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Army Surplus Bivy Bivi Grade 1 USED Olive, DPM & MTP Gore-Tex

Army Surplus Bivy Bivi Grade 1 USED Olive, DPM & MTP Gore-Tex

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Elevate your outdoor excursion with the resilience and compact convenience of our Army Surplus Bivy, a truly remarkable piece of equipment for the discerning adventurer. Our UK Army surplus bivvy is steeped in practicality and durability, designed to withstand the unpredictable whims of nature while serving as the ultimate travel companion on your journey.

Key Features of the Army Surplus Bivy:

  • Authentic Military Grade: Embrace the dependability of genuine military-issued gear. This bivvy is the exact equipment trusted by the UK Army, assuring you of its quality and ruggedness.
  • Exceptional Material: Constructed from original MOD-spec lightweight Gortex material, revered for its waterproof and breathable capabilities. The material keeps you dry while ensuring condensation does not build up inside the bivvy.
  • Sealed Against the Elements: Meticulously crafted with Goretex fabric taped seams to keep even the most persistent raindrops or wind gusts at bay.
  • Versatile Fit: The 'one size fits all' design delivers unparalleled versatility. It pairs seamlessly with your sleeping bag, offering protection from the elements without compromising comfort.
  • Adaptable Use: Outfitted with a drawstring hood, this bivvy allows you to tailor your shelter against the weather, making it a reliable refuge.
  • Travel-Friendly: Shrink down your pack size significantly. The bivvy, conspicuous in its ability to fold down small, encourages a lightweight approach to camping and hiking.
  • Easy Deployment: Ideal for emergencies or when discretion is paramount. Its unobtrusive structure is perfect for stealth camping, allowing for rapid, low-profile setup.

Ideal Applications for the Army Surplus Bivy:

  • Emergency Shelter: Find your sanctuary in moments of need. Always ready for action, the bivvy is a critical inclusion in your survival kit.
  • Ultralight Camping: Shave off the pounds from your pack without sacrificing comfort. This shelter is a dream for the minimalist hiker who counts every ounce.
  • Stealth Camping: Blend seamlessly with your environment. The bivvy's petite footprint permits spontaneous and unobtrusive camping arrangements.
  • Supplemental Shelter: Boost the defensive capabilities of your base camp. Utilize the bivvy as an additional, dependable layer over your sleeping bag or as a safeguard for your gear.

Assert your readiness for the great outdoors. Add the Army Surplus Bivy to your inventory today and align yourself with a proud lineage of survivalists and adventurers who understand the true essence of outdoor perseverance. Whether facing a downpour, bracing against a chilling wind, or simply basking in the tranquil beauty of nature, your bivvy stands as a silent guardian, ensuring dry nights and secure storages no matter the circumstances. Secure yours and step into the wild with confidence!

    Specifications (Approximate Measurements):

    • Length 2600mm
    • Width (Top) 950mm


    • DPM - 1014g
    • MTP - 788g
    • Green Olive Drab - 821g
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