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Army Surplus Arctic Sleeping Bag designed for cold down to -30°C or lower.

Army Surplus Arctic Sleeping Bag designed for cold down to -30°C or lower.

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Experience the ultimate in cold-weather sleeping gear with the British Army Surplus Arctic Sleeping Bag, offering you the same extreme protection and comfort that UK forces have trusted for decades. Whether planning an expedition to the icy tundra or a winter camping trip, this sleeping bag is the definition of warmth and reliability, with features designed to withstand temperatures plummeting to -30°C and beyond.

The superior insulation of these Arctic sleeping bags, be it sophisticated synthetic fibres or lush down feathers, is pivotal in creating an environment to maintain your core temperature. Expect to be enveloped by a comforting warmth that shields you from the harsh clutches of the cold.

An integral part of the sleeping bag, the hood, with its drawcord closure, acts as a bastion against the icy breath of the Arctic air, ensuring your head, which is critical for heat retention, remains snug and warm throughout the night.

To prevent the intrusion of cold drafts that could disturb your peaceful slumber, well-designed draft tubes accompany the sturdy zippers. Your body heat is a precious resource in the extreme cold, and these bags are master-crafted to ensure none of it escapes during your rest.

The durability of this sleeping bag is owed to its water-resistant outer shell. This essential barrier repels moisture from snow or wet conditions, keeping you dry and preserving the insulating properties of the bag.

Portability is a key factor for any adventurer, and the included compression sack is a testament to the practicality of this sleeping bag. It can be tightly packed down when you're moving, balancing the necessity for warmth with the demand for convenience on your expeditions.

While the bag's robust construction adds to its size and weight, these are small trade-offs for the security and warmth it promises in unforgiving environments.

Echoing the storied past of these bags, each one you purchase arrives with legitimate British Army credentials, having served from the 1960s to the early 1990s. Though designs may vary slightly, each has been crafted with attention to detail for cold-weather operations.

Modern features such as an internal hook & loop-secured storm flap fortify the zipper closing. At the same time, the olive-green, waterproof material is not only functional but carries a piece of history, with some bags bearing the name and number of the service member who previously relied upon it.

It’s also reassuring to know that caring for your sleeping bag doesn't require special treatment. Despite its rugged features, it's fully machine washable, ensuring you can refresh it after every excursion.

Embrace the power of a military-grade sleeping bag designed for the harshest climates with the British Army Surplus Arctic Sleeping Bag – a true ally against the cold.

    Specifications (Approximate Measurements):

    • Length 2100mm
    • Width Max 790mm
    • Min 480mm
    • Weight 2908g
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