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Ammo Lock padlock adapter to secure ammunition box

Ammo Lock padlock adapter to secure ammunition box

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Introducing the Ultimate Secure Storage Solution: The Heavy-Duty Ammunition Box Lock Adapter Kit!

Transform Your Ammunition Box with Ease
Elevate your storage game with our Heavy-Duty Ammunition Box Lock Adapter Kit. A simple yet effective solution designed to convert standard-issue ammunition boxes into safe, secure storage containers. This kit is perfect for gun owners, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone needing a robust, lockable tin.

Safety and Security in One Package
Our kit is carefully crafted to allow for the fitting of a sturdy padlock, ensuring your contents stay private and protected. With an adaptable design, it's suitable for various popular ammo box sizes, including 50 Cal, Fat 50 Cal, 30 Cal, 40mm, and 20mm.

Precision Engineering for Watertight Protection
You can trust that your possessions are secure not only from intruders but also from the elements. The kit includes heavy-duty rubber and stainless steel sealing washers meticulously chosen to maintain the waterproof integrity of your ammo box.

DIY Installation Made Simple
With our Lock Adapter Kit, personalization is in your hands. The installation process is straightforward and rewarding, requiring just a few tools.

Please note that while this kit will revolutionize the way you store your valuables, the necessary tools for installation - a powered drill, file, and spanner or socket wrench - are omitted.

Exceptional Features for the Discerning Buyer:

  • Convertibility: Transforms standard ammo boxes into lockable storage.
  • Compatibility: Fits padlocks with a maximum shackle diameter of 6mm or 1/4 inch.
  • Retention of Integrity: Maintains the original waterproof feature of your boxes.
  • Diverse Fit: Compatible with a range of ammo box sizes for universal application.

Why settle for a basic storage option when you can secure your belongings with military-grade protection? Whether you're safeguarding ammunition, important documents, or personal valuables, our Heavy-Duty Ammunition Box Lock Adapter Kit is the ultimate upgrade to your storage needs.

Invest in peace of mind and secure your kit today—your belongings deserve the best protection available.


    Lock padlock adapter Kit Contents & Specifications (Approximate Measurements):

    • A solid 303 stainless steel stud (L:41mm/ 27mm body)
    • One piece rubber water seal washer (16mm diameter)
    • Stainless Steel sealing washer (16mm diameter & 8mm hole)
    • Zinc plated Nylon locking nut
    • Large Stainless-Steel washer (40mm diameter, 14mm hole)
    • 3mm thickness approx.

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