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46mm (Internal) Nickel Split ring for keys or small items.

46mm (Internal) Nickel Split ring for keys or small items.

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Elevate your hardware arsenal with our resilient Nickel Split Rings, pragmatically designed to facilitate convenience and organization in everyday and outdoor settings. Although designated as used due to their shop-soiled nature with the likelihood of scratches or slight imperfections, they retain complete functional integrity and deliver exceptional utility.

Key Features:

  • Organizational Tool: Streamline your key collection with these split rings, smartly crafted to accommodate your selection of keys, ensuring they remain within easy reach when needed.
  • Secure Attachment: These rings offer peace of mind as a sturdy pivot point for additional gear like small tools or flashlights, tethering securely to your equipment.
  • Optimal Versatility: Given their compact profile, these nickel split rings effortlessly integrate into various settings, from the casual convenience of everyday carry to the demanding realms of outdoor adventure.
  • Enduring Design: Constructed with strong materials resistant to wear and environmental factors, these split rings are fashioned to endure alongside your dynamic lifestyle.

Please Note:

These items are listed as used since they reflect a degree of shop wear. However, the aesthetic blemishes are merely superficial and do not compromise the functional excellence you require from reliable hardware.

This is a Professional's Choice:

Our Nickel Split Rings are the epitome of a professional's toolkit necessity, ensuring that despite minor surface imperfections, capability and performance remain at the forefront, providing consistent service over time.


Let it be abundantly clear that this product is not a toy. It is a robust piece of hardware crafted for adults who value practicality and efficiency in their personal and professional lives.

Prepare to streamline your life with our Nickel Split Rings' unyielding strength and practical design. Despite the pre-loved appearance, the quality and reliability remain uncompromised. Secure your set today and experience the blend of rugged utility and sleek simplicity.

Specifications (Approximate Measurements):

  • 2" / 51mm diameter (External)
  • 1" / 24mm diameter (Internal)
  • The thickness of the metal ring is 4mm
  • Weighs 10g
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