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3mm round leather thonging 5m length - Various Colours

3mm round leather thonging 5m length - Various Colours

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Discover our Leather Thonging's unmatched versatility and premium quality, the perfect choice for crafters and artisans who demand excellence and adaptability from their materials. This round leather cord, fashioned from the finest leather strips, is a durable and stylish option for many creative endeavours.

Delight in the Possibilities:

  • Jewellery Making: Our round leather thonging is ideal for crafting bespoke necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. The supple yet strong leather is the perfect canvas for your beading, pendant, or charm designs, allowing for the creation of truly personalized accessories.
  • Leather Craft: Elevate your leatherworking projects by integrating our leather thonging for sturdy and attractive belts, pouches, wallets, and bag straps. It is an excellent component for adding functional detail or a distinctive decorative touch.
  • DIY Creations: Embark on a range of Do-It-Yourself projects; fashion tassels for an artistic curtain appeal, wrap it around jars or vases for a rustic flare, or use it to bind bundles of dried flowers for a country-inspired bouquet.
  • Costume Design: Perfect for customers seeking to introduce an element of authenticity to their designs. Our leather thonging can skillfully assemble costume pieces, add fringe detail, or create headbands with a touch of the tribal or rustic.
  • Home Décor: With this leather thonging, you can introduce an element of organic charm to your home by fashioning curtain ties, constructing unique wall hangings, or adding a handcrafted wrap to lampshades.

A Material That Speaks of Elegance and Resilience:

Crafted for both endurance and beauty, our leather thonging highlights the natural allure of leather while promising the strength required for both everyday and specialized items.

Unleash Your Creative Ambition:

Allow this versatile leather thonging to become central to your crafting repertoire. Its pliable nature and elegant appearance serve as a testament to your creativity and sophistication in all that you design and construct.

Opt for our Leather Thonging and assure yourself of a material that not only meets the demands of your craft but also surpasses expectations in style and function. Whether for personal projects, artisanal creations, or practical applications, this leather thonging is a testament to your dedication to quality. Bring your imagination to fruition—get your hands on this indispensable crafting ally today.

Specifications (Approximate Measurements): 


You are buying 3mm Round Leather Thonging cut to a length of 5m

We sell 12 Colours to choose from.

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