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3mm Round Braided leather Thonging 2m length - Various Colours

3mm Round Braided leather Thonging 2m length - Various Colours

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Introducing our premium New Braided Thonging, the quintessential choice for artisans seeking to add a touch of rustic charm or sophisticated elegance to their creations. This high-quality braided leather cord is meticulously designed for versatility and strength, providing a foundational component for many projects.

Features of Our Braided Leather Thonging:

  • Crafted from high-grade leather, these thongs provide both the durability and aesthetic appeal that skilled craftspeople demand.
  • The braided design adds texture and visual interest and enhances the cord's structural integrity.
  • Our thonging comes in various thicknesses and lengths, offering tailored options to suit your crafting needs.

Endless Creative Possibilities:

Our New Braided Thonging serves a multitude of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Jewellery Design: Create statement pieces such as bracelets and necklaces, weaving in beads or affixing pendants for that bespoke accessory flair.
  • Leather Crafting Enhancements: Utilize our thonging for constructing durable straps for handcrafted bags, ornate fastenings for wallets, or intricate accents on custom belts.
  • Innovative DIY Projects: From home décor enhancements to unique gift ideas, this leather thonging is perfect for adding a personalized touch to any item.
  • Costume Artistry: Provide authentic detailing to theatrical costumes or cosplay, offering practical and decorative benefits with a natural leather look.
  • Home Accents: Elevate your interior design elements by incorporating our thonging into curtain ties, wall hangings, or chic-wrapped lampshades.

Unrivalled in Quality and Aesthetics:

Our New Braided Thonging is not merely a product but a staple of finesse for the dedicated artisan. Its strength matches its beauty, ensuring that your projects stand out in visual appeal and last through time and use.

Transform Your Craft:

Harness the potential of our braided leather thonging and bring an artisanal touch to your work. Whether integrating into your leatherwork lineup, embarking on a bespoke jewellery project, or enhancing your home décor, our thonging will meet and exceed your creative needs.

Select our New Braided Thonging today and invest in a versatile material that will add depth and character to your work, making every piece not just crafted but thoughtfully created with distinction and quality.

Specifications (Approximate Measurements): 


You are buying 3mm braided leather thonging cut to a length of 2m

We sell 10 different Colours.  See our other products.

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