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32mm (11/4") Nickel D rings for Leather work

32mm (11/4") Nickel D rings for Leather work

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Elevate your crafting and organizational endeavours with our premium quality Nickel D-Rings, measuring 32mm /1 1/4" (Internal Measurements), tailored for those who demand durability and versatility in their hardware selections. Ideal for many applications, these D-rings are a staple in professional and personal projects.

Premium Nickel Craftsmanship:

Crafted from high-grade nickel, these D-rings are aesthetically pleasing with their lustrous shimmer and built for longevity. Their corrosion-resistant nature protects against frequent use and varying environmental conditions, ensuring that they maintain their structural integrity and appearance over time.

Ultimate Versatility:

Our Nickel D-Rings offer expansive potential for a multitude of applications:

  • Tailored Accessories: Create custom belts, handbags, or wallet straps with a reliable closure that adds function and sophistication.
  • Pet Supplies: Perfect for crafting sturdy dog collars and leashes that are secure for your pets' daily walks and adventures.
  • Outdoor Gear: Upgrade your camping or hiking equipment with D-rings that can attach essential tools to your pack.
  • Marine Use: Enhance life jackets, harnesses, or sailing gear, providing strong anchor points for ropes and lines.

Professional and Personal Use:

These rings are adaptable for the professional artisan crafting high-end leather goods and the DIY enthusiast looking to enhance homemade creations or organize their living space.

User-friendly Functionality:

Designed with a smooth, flat profile, our Nickel D-Rings ensure that straps and materials slide through easily, preventing snagging and wear. The broad internal area allows for a broad range of webbing, fabric, or leather thicknesses, providing a flexible solution for your crafting needs.

A Necessity for Innovation and Security:

Whether simplifying the detachment and attachment of keys, adding versatility to sports and recreational equipment, or innovating new fashion designs, these D-rings contribute both security and innovation opportunities.

Harness the reliability of our Nickel D-rings to add unparalleled value and function to your products. With endless uses and marked by supreme quality, these D-rings are an investment in your creativity and ability to execute it. Perfect your craft, optimize your gear, and secure essentials with our indispensable Nickel D-rings. Make them a part of your hardware toolkit today and experience their robust functionality.

Specifications (Approximate Measurements): 

  • The loop is 39mm wide
  • Its internal length: 1 1/4" / 32mm
  • The external length is 44mm.
  • The thickness of the metal ring is 4mm.
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