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30cm Frame Saw Blades are an easy replacement when a blade becomes dull or damaged.

30cm Frame Saw Blades are an easy replacement when a blade becomes dull or damaged.

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30cm Frame Saw Blades

Please choose from a variety of Blades for a 30cm Frame Saw

See images for details of blades available.

Frame saw uses.

Frame saws are a type of hand saw that consist of a frame or bow that holds a thin, flexible blade under tension. The blade is typically longer and thinner than those found on other types of hand saws, and it can be easily replaced when it becomes dull or damaged.

Frame Saw Blades are versatile tools that can be used for a range of cutting tasks. Some of their most common uses include:

  1. Cutting curves: Frame saws are excellent for cutting curves and intricate shapes in wood, as their thin, flexible blades can easily manoeuvre around corners and tight spaces.
  2. Resawing: Frame saws can be used for resawing, which involves cutting a board lengthwise into thinner pieces. This is a useful technique for creating thin boards or veneers from thicker stock.
  3. Joinery: Frame saws are also useful for joinery tasks, such as cutting tenons, mortises, and dovetails.
  4. Green woodworking: Frame saws are well-suited for cutting green wood, which is wood that has not been dried or seasoned. Green wood is softer and more flexible than dry wood, and frame saws can make quick work of cutting through it.
  5. Metalwork: Frame saws can be fitted with a metal cutting blade for cutting metal to size.

Overall, frame saws are versatile tools that are useful for a range of cutting tasks, particularly those that require precision and control. If you work with wood or other materials that require intricate or curved cuts, a frame saw is a tool that you may find helpful.

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