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2oz Tobacco Tin Tallow Candle not just a candle but a survival tool.

2oz Tobacco Tin Tallow Candle not just a candle but a survival tool.

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2oz Tobacco Tin Tallow Candle

This is an item made by us.

  • You will find some disturbance on the surface of the tallow as the wicks will need to be exposed and trimmed.
  • We are trying to be honest and open about the contents and you should remember that items will vary slightly due to being handmade.

The tallow candle is not simply a candle but a survival tool.

This is not a bog standard candle; it is a handmade made from pure tallow.

This Tallow candle can be used for numerous things not only as source of light to see by, or heat, in a survival situation they can be eaten (I cannot confirm how safe this tallow is to eat).

  • Some of the benefits it brings are:
  • Long-lasting use.
  • Can be used with all 5 wicks to heat water/food.
  • Used as an aid to fire lighting in holding the flame from a match to save using another.
  • Contained in an air-tight container.
  • Repels water.
  • Take traveling, fishing, camping, or to festivals.
  • Once the tallow has been used up the tin can be re-used.

The tin lid has several uses such as:

  • Signalling mirror.
  • A reflector to direct the candlelight.
  • A handy windbreak for the candle.
  • A candle snuff that eliminates the smoke from a blown-out candle.

Tallow has numerous uses such as:

  • Waterproofing materials such as leather.
  • As a balm.
  • For making a fire lighter.
  • Sharpening by smearing onto a flat surface and sprinkling with sand.
  • Or used with a strickle (easily made square peg of wood smeared with tallow and sprinkled with sand) as was used in agriculture for sharpening in the fields.
  • Pan-frying foods.
  • Eaten in extreme survival situations (I cannot be sure that this tallow is safe to eat).

Specifications: (Approximate Measurements)

It has 5 candle wicks to expand its uses so that it can be used for longer.

  • The Candle Weighs approx. 198g net
  • Its approximate measurements are: 110mm x 80mm 25mm

These candles are cast and not dipped and use wicks and retainers similar to a tea light. Tallow has a low melting point so this should be borne in mind in hot weather or when transporting.

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