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28mm (Internal) Nickel Square rings used as an attachment point for items such as small tools, flashlights, or other gear.

28mm (Internal) Nickel Square rings used as an attachment point for items such as small tools, flashlights, or other gear.

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Introducing our versatile and sophisticated 28mm (Internal) Nickel Square Rings, the ultimate detail to enhance your crafting and organizational needs. These meticulously crafted nickel square rings are practical and add a modern flare to your hardware selection.

 High-Quality Construction:

Our square rings are finely crafted from nickel, a material celebrated for its strength and resistance to corrosion. The sleek finish provides an aesthetically pleasing look that complements any design, whether your leathercraft project or outdoor gear.

Multi-Functional Utility:

  • Secure Attachment Points: Utilize these square rings to create reliable attachment points for tools, flashlights, or other essential gear on your backpack or belt.
  • Innovative Keyring Design: Their square shape offers a unique alternative to traditional keyrings, making it easier to slide keys on and off while minimizing the risk of keys slipping off.
  • Limitless Applications: Despite its compact size, the 28mm nickel square ring's adaptability makes it an invaluable addition to any craft, DIY project, or outdoor adventure kit.
  • Durability That Lasts: Built to endure, these square rings will sustain through various conditions without losing their integrity, ensuring many years of use.

Creative and Practical Uses:

Crafted to inspire innovation, these nickel square rings open up a world of possibilities:

  • Custom Leathercraft: Perfect for adding a stylish, contemporary edge to bags, belts, and accessories.
  • Outdoor Readiness: Essential for campers and hikers looking to fasten gear securely and accessibly.
  • Everyday Organization: Upgrade your daily carry with a unique approach to securely holding keys or other small items.
  • Tool Management: Ideal for workers and hobbyists needing to tether tools for quick access and increased safety.
  • Fashion Statements: Stand out by implementing these into jewellery, garment designs, or fashion accessories.

Endless Potential:

The beauty of our Nickel Square Rings lies in their endless versatility. Whether looped around a belt to attach a lanyard for a knife or compass or used to concept an array of fashion-forward and functional designs, the possibilities are limitless.

Quality Assurance:

Rest assured in the knowledge that our nickel square rings meet rigorous standards. They are ready to integrate seamlessly into your projects, adding reliability and style where it counts.

Make the smart choice with our 28mm Nickel Square Rings—a staple for anyone looking for the ideal blend of form and function. Elevate your gear, organize your essentials, and inspire your creativity today!

Specifications:(Approximate Measurements)

  • Loop 41mm wide (External at widest point)
  • Loop 27mm (Internal at narrowest point)
  • Loop height 33mm (External)
  • Loop height 23mm (Internal)
  • The thickness of the metal ring is 5mm
  • Each Ring weighs 19g
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