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25mm (Internal) Nickel Buckle leathercraft hardware

25mm (Internal) Nickel Buckle leathercraft hardware

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Introduce the perfect blend of functionality and elegance to your leathercraft projects with our 25mm (Internal) Nickel Buckles—an essential component for any artisan's repertoire. These buckles, crafted from premium nickel, serve as the pinnacle of your crafting needs, offering an unmatched combination of durability and versatility.

A Touch of Sophistication:

Each buckle exudes a polished finish, bringing a bright, modern look to your leather works. Despite being shop-soiled, each nickel buckle offers an attractive, slightly distressed look that may appeal to those who appreciate a vintage or rustic aesthetic.

Utility and Versatility:

  • Adjustability: Our nickel buckles provide effortless adjustment, ensuring that belts and straps fit precisely to the user's needs, offering both comfort and security.
  • Reliable Fastening: These buckles are designed to afford a reliable fastening solution for bags, backpacks, and outdoor equipment where a secure hold is a priority.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Their small and unobtrusive size means they can be effortlessly integrated into various designs without adding unnecessary weight or bulk.
  • Longevity: Crafted with robust materials, these buckles are built to endure rough handling and exposure to the elements, guaranteeing longevity and steadfast service.

Uses Across A Spectrum of Applications:

From fashioning handmade belts to constructing durable outdoor gear, these nickel buckles elevate your creations to the next level:

  • Leather Goods: Ideal for belts, watch straps, handbags, and other bespoke leather accessories.
  • Outdoor Equipment: Enhance the functionality of camping gear, rucksacks, and tents with a fastening built to last.
  • Everyday Carry: Upgrade your EDC kit with custom straps and holsters that rely on a secure buckle closure.
  • Artisan Projects: Add these buckles to your next project for that professional touch, with a slight patina that only improves with age.

Quality Assurance:

While we note that some buckles may exhibit slight surface rust, this in no way hinders their performance. It lends character, making each piece uniquely yours, synonymous with stories you'll tell about your crafted items.

Incorporate our 25mm Nickel Buckles into your work today and experience a seamless blend of strength, beauty, and practicality. Whether for personal projects or items you wish to sell, our buckles are an investment in your craft, promising to enhance the experience and result of your creations.

Specifications:(Approximate Measurements)


  • 33mm Wide (External)
  • 24mm High (External)
  • 25mm Wide (Internal)
  • 15mm Wide (Internal)
  • The thickness of the metal ring is 3mm
  • Weighs 9g
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