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23mm (Internal) Nickel Split ring with tab leathercraft hardware

23mm (Internal) Nickel Split ring with tab leathercraft hardware

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Elevate the craftsmanship and function of your leather goods with our impeccable 23mm (Internal) Nickel Split Ring with Tab. This leathercraft hardware piece is a petite yet potent addition to any creator's toolkit or outdoor enthusiast’s gear set.

Premium Build for Endurance:

Crafted from high-calibre nickel, this split ring is designed to withstand the trials of time and use, maintaining its integrity and sleek appearance even against the elements. The nickel material ensures both durability and a polished finish that provides a touch of elegance to your projects or gear.

Designed for Accessibility:

The integrated tab on our split ring is thoughtfully engineered to offer convenience. This unassuming yet innovative feature facilitates effortless opening and secure closing of the ring, guaranteeing ease of use when managing keys or attaching various items.

Practical Versatility:

Our Nickel Split Ring with Tab is not just limited to traditional leathercraft; it serves multiple roles across various fields:

  • Key Organization: Streamline your key-carrying with a reliable keyring that provides swift access and organization.
  • Efficient Attachment Point: Affix small tools, flashlights, or other essential items to your backpack or belt for swift access during outdoor or camping endeavours.
  • Multipurpose Functionality: Lightweight and easy to carry, this hardware is a valuable addition to any kit, lending itself to many uses across diverse activities.

Unmatched Reliability:

The careful selection of nickel for this split ring ensures that it endures through daily wear, rough handling, and exposure to various environments. With a build quality that resists corrosion and keeps it cool under pressure, this hardware promises long-term service.

A Necessity for Craft and Adventure:

Whether you are a leathercraft artisan aiming to create classic and functional pieces or an adventurer gearing up for the next journey, our Nickel Split Ring with Tab is a fundamental component that harmonizes utility with finesse.

As you curate your collection of hardware, tools, and accessories, consider the unmatched versatility and resilient beauty of our Nickel Split Ring with Tab. It's an investment in quality that won’t disappoint, designed to keep your essentials secure and your craft exceptional. Add this must-have item to your repertoire today and experience the blend of practicality and polish in every use.



  • 27mm diameter (External)
  • 23mm diameter (Internal)
  • The thickness of the metal ring is 4mm (at the widest point)
  • Weighs 3g
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