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1 x Leaf Nano 1.5ml Geocache black tubes and logs for Geocaching Design 1 of 9

1 x Leaf Nano 1.5ml Geocache black tubes and logs for Geocaching Design 1 of 9

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1 x Leaf Nano 1.5ml Geocache black tubes and logs for Geocaching

If you want to make a challenging hide then these and our other caches are the ones for you.

Please look at my other products for other cunning caches and enjoy making your cunning plans!

These Geocache black tubes are ideal for hiding in Trees, bushes, and plants.

You may want to make it easy by using one of the brighter-colored leaves or perhaps harder by matching leaves, the choice is yours!

All you need to do is roll up the supplied logs, pop one in each cache, hide it, and then register it online.


  • Each leaf has a small 1.5ml black tube, wound with garden wire, glued, and camo taped to its underside.
  • Made from black Polypropylene.
  • Hard-wearing and shatterproof.
  • Each tube will be supplied with an unrolled log.

The logs feature:

  • They fit in quite tightly and tweezers will probably be needed.
  • Double-sided entries on the log 98 entries (49 on the front and 49 on the back)
  • Width – approx. 12mm
  • Length – approx. 235mm
  • Made from Toughprint 175gsm waterproof paper.
  • Toughprint paper is tough and durable resisting crumples and simple to wipe clean.

Tube Specifications (Approximate measurements):

  • Volume - 1.5ml Diameter (Including top) – approx. 21mm
  • Diameter (Internal) – approx. 9mm Length – approx. 41mm
  • Water-tight snap Geocaching gives great pleasure to people across all age ranges so please don’t spoil it for others.
  • When geocaching please use your common sense and bear in mind the geocachers code.

Geocacher Code:

  • Don’t endanger yourself or others
  • Respect nature
  • Respect Private Property
  • Avoid public alarm

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure-hunting game that involves using GPS-enabled devices to locate hidden containers called "geocaches" or "caches". Geocaches are usually small waterproof containers that contain a logbook for visitors to sign and sometimes contain small trinkets or toys to trade.

The geocaches' location is typically listed on a geocaching website or app, along with clues, hints, and GPS coordinates to help players find it. Once a geocache is found, the player signs the logbook, trades any trinkets they have, and replaces the cache in its original location for others to find.

Geocaching is a popular activity around the world and is often used to explore new places, learn about history and culture, and get outside and enjoy nature. It can be played by people of all ages and skill levels, and millions of geocaches are hidden around the world to discover.



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