Feed Wild Birds and support the RSPB

You might already know but, UK bird numbers are generally in decline. We can all help by joining in with the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch and maybe teach our children to recognise them.

Apparently during the winter birds need to consume as much as 30% of their body weight during the daylight hours. Obviously, food is a great way to help.
Anyway, we can all help by following some of these suggestions:

Place bird feeders or tables in a sheltered place near to bushes, shrubs or trees so that they can hide if threatened.

  • Regularly refill feeders particularly in bad weather.
  • If the food is wet or soggy then please replace it.
  • Try to keep tables, feeders and baths clean to avoid the spread of any disease.
  • Try to provide a range of foods to help several species such as: seeds, nuts, grains,fats.
  • Live foods such as mealworms are high in nutrition and excellent energy providers in cold weather.
  • Put out kitchen scraps such as: cheese, fat from unsalted meat, dried fruit, porridge oats, leftover pastry, cooked rice or pasta.
  • Water is of course essential for drinking and feather maintenance. In icy conditions it may freeze so keep it free of ice and top it up! It will help to put a small ball in the water for the breeze to blow about and break up thin ice.

For more helpful information please see the RSPB Website.

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